Author: Robert Gibbons
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Warning over targeted emails!

Warning! In the past week, we have seen emails being sent direct to end-users with detailed information about them. The image below only shows this persons first name, but we can confirm the first name and surname are correct along with his home address. We’ve blocked out details, but can you spot the mistakes that.
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Security: Two Factor Authentication #2FA

Double up on your security with Two Factor Authentication. These days you cannot look at a tech page without the mention of Cybercrime, hackers always seem to be a step-in front. It is time to increase “username and password” with an additional level of security. To really make it difficult for hackers why not add.
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Passwords – that reoccuring topic

Passwords and what advice can we give. Well here’s 6 very good tips for you. 1. The Longer, The better. Some of this is playing the odds. The longer the password is, the longer it will take a hacker (or their decryption software) to run through all the possible permutations and hack your password. More.
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Automatic subscription text scams!

Text Scams! Have you ever received your mobile bill an found it to be much higher than you expected? If you are in a monthly contract you will notice the additional charges and wonder where they came from. Lots of Apps these days are free but have adverts within. Should you swipe by mistake these.
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But it’s not Junk Mail!

Where’s my genuine email? How often have you missed a genuine email because it’s been caught up in your Junk Mail? Why does a legitimate email always go to Junk Mail?Here are three very quick simple steps to stop this happening. Over the pastel blue, click the mouse and follow the instruction to “Move to Inbox”. Once you.
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