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Technology is driving business innovation

Business Innovation It has long been seen that the direction a business wants to go in would determine how technology grows and progresses. Historically, small businesses have driven innovation and the creation of new technology. If a company needed an application to work in a specific way, technology would create a system to benefit all.
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We don’t need IT Support, thank you.

We don’t require IT Support thank you, its not broken. . We understand that as a small start-up business, you may be watching the pennies, and don’t wish to pay for ongoing IT Support. However. when a business has 10+ employees, things become a little more serious. Imagine having a business of 10 employees. Everything.
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Why do businesses need IT Support?

Why do businesses need IT Support? Picture the scene… you’re on your way to see one of your biggest clients for a make-or-break meeting when your car breaks down. Without the tools (or the knowledge) to fix it and a ticking clock, who do you turn to? Your trusty roadside assistance company of course! Imagine.
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Smartphone Security and Banking Apps

Hands up if you use a Smartphone? Keep you hands up if you’ve used your smartphone to access your bank/building society account? If you have a security package on your Smartphone, keep your hands up? Still go your hands up? We’re going to guess that most people answered yes to two out of three questions.
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