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Everybody is taking about Cloud.

Cloud Platforms

The biggest companies in the world are both using cloud solutions and are providing platforms to utilise cloud for your business, you may have heard of these companies and services?

  • Microsoft – Azure Cloud / Office 365
  • Google – Google Docs and Apps
  • Amazon – AWS Web Services

There are 1000’s of other cloud services also that could really benefit your business. Thinking of using a new piece of software to take your business to the next level? There will be a cloud service for that, picking the right one however can be a challenge!

That’s where we can help…

Our clients say ...

Think4 are our essential IT department, every small business should have one. They have been our IT support provider for over 5 years. Starting supporting one machine, we now have 8 PC’s good computer upkeep and health is essential. Think4 know what we need in a machine and recommend the most suitable models to buy.
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A Testimonial From The Knutsford Admin

We are team of community therapists and have team members who work remotely across Lancashire, Cheshire and Yorkshire. We had used and manipulated Practice software, but nothing fitted our Practice. T4’s portal development, to support information transfer from remote therapist to invoicing, has provided a huge uplift for the Practice. The development of a bespoke.
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A Testimonial From SP Therapy Services

Computers crash. Hackers hack. Your IT goes wrong. Fact of life. What you need if you’re running a small business is the ability to turn to someone who can ensure those times are temporary and rare blips. Someone who is clued up enough to advise you on where you need to be going. Someone you.
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A Testimonial From Viva PR

Who is the cloud for?

Typically when looking to grow or refresh their IT systems customers fall into three categories…

  • On Site – keep everything in house
  • Hybrid – use cloud services along side in house IT systems
  • Full Cloud – move all functions and infrastructure to the cloud

Let’s explore these areas in a little more detail.

Fully On-Site IT

Sometimes because of the type business you are staying fully local or “on-premise” with your IT systems is the best decision.

Client Example

We recently replaced their business servers and design workstations at an architect.

Due to the nature of their business using very large CAD drawings and needing fast access to the files, it was decided that replacing all the server’s functionality and staying on premises was the best option.

Hybrid IT

Sometimes moving all your business to cloud isn’t right just yet, due to software or connectivity issues. However, moving some services (such as email) may be a good option to help sweat the internal server assets!

Client Example

A large manufacturing company with 70+ staff wanted to improve the features and availability of email while retaining their onsite server function.

We moved all their email functions to office 365 and this improved features and saved money as there was no need to replace hardware and licensing.

Full Cloud IT

Sometimes the way a company works shouts “Cloud” as the route to better way of working for the business. Moving all IT functions to the cloud ensures the always on, always available features the cloud provides

Client Example

An insolvency practitioners in Manchester needed a way of having their home workers, mobile workers, remote offices and directors to have a single business platform. Connectivity in the office was great so it was better to have everybody working in a full cloud solution.

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