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IT Support from T4

Whether you are a one-man band or a multinational organisation IT will touch your business every day, this makes it an essential utility just like electricity!

Where would be without email, electronic invoicing, database and storage of our essential business documents!

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Often in business the IT systems you rely on to look after your customers have grown organically, however this often leaves you unaware of whether you’re fully backed up, or how quickly you can recover from a full blown system disaster; if at all!

Time and Efficiency

Are you aware of how much time and resource is wasted with slow computer systems? How long would it take your current support to recover from a meltdown? Are you waiting too long for IT support to get back to you when you’re having trouble?

All of this is lost time, and lost time means lost money.

Buyers Advice

Are you aware of the latest products and solutions available? Or are you wasting hard earned cash on expensive individual one off license fees instead of utilising the latest products from Microsoft such as Office 365?

We’re here to provide advice and assistance for all of your IT problems, be it buying advice, or infrastructure and licensing queries.

We’ve got you covered

All of the above are common problems for business of any size. The IT support service from T4 will have you covered.

Support Services

  • Proactive System Monitoring
  • Operating System Update Automation
  • Virus/Malware Detection and Removal
  • 6 Man Helpdesk
  • Remote Assistance
  • Telephone Assistance
  • IT Help and Advice
  • IT Training and Education (T4 Seminars)
  • System Reporting and Feedback
  • Cloud Strategy and Support

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