Case Studies

Insolvency Process and Document Management

Challenge Insolvency both voluntary (MVL) and compulsory (CVL) are process driven procedures. Perfect for automation and systemisation. As this is a competitive arena and prices are plummeting this customer needed an edge. To reduce their costs they needed to reduce the amount of manual and intervention by staff. Clients of the insolvency practitioners would often.
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Engineering and Milling Hours Logging System

Challenge As a part (job) passed through different parts of the engineering and milling process each staff member would keep a note of start and stop time on a “piece of paper” at the end of the week, all the pieces of paper were handed in and all the time on each part on different.
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Construction Site and Sub-Contractor Management

Challenge A construction company had many sites and multiple sub-contractors across each site however they had no way of managing and monitoring this performance to make better contracting decisions for future sites. Who is the “best” electrical contractor was a difficult question to answer. Solution Customisation of SharePoint Online (Office 365) allowed user to use.
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Staff Portal for Logging Home Visits and Hours

Challenge Traditionally all therapists sent their time sheets in at the end of the week, as the business grew this became unmanageable as this data needed to be entered into multiple systems manually. This input of data multiple times took a lot of administrative time. There was also no, daily, weekly, monthly view on company.
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