Engineering and Milling Hours Logging System


As a part (job) passed through different parts of the engineering and milling process each staff member would keep a note of start and stop time on a “piece of paper” at the end of the week, all the pieces of paper were handed in and all the time on each part on different machines were added up on a large excel sheet. Only at the end of the week could they see if the work had gone over or under time and if they had made a profit on the job. This also required a great deal of manual input and had a large potential for mistakes.


Internal SharePoint accessible by a web browser allowed creation of a simple job and as the work passed through the engineering and milling machines each staff member would electronically record the number of hours worked on the item. This information is then viewable via job and date range and in a “live” view for the management.

The data is also in an easily exportable manner to input into other line of business applications. This solution, although simple, gives the customer visibility of the job time as it passes through the system and saves valuable time adding up job time at the end of the week.

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