Insolvency Process and Document Management


Insolvency both voluntary (MVL) and compulsory (CVL) are process driven procedures. Perfect for automation and systemisation. As this is a competitive arena and prices are plummeting this customer needed an edge. To reduce their costs they needed to reduce the amount of manual and intervention by staff. Clients of the insolvency practitioners would often call for “updates” or email.

This absorbed a lot of time. As the emails and requests both to and from the client are typical for every insolvency (bank info, accounts info, verified ID etc…) a system to update the client, push them through them through the process and bulk update all involved was required to dramatically reduce the time input from the insolvency practitioner.


A web portal for the client, accountants, and staff members was created for all to see where the process was up to. An android app and iOS app where also designed to complement the web portal which pulled through the same information allowing clients to update information while on the move.

This solution allowed both the staff, accountant and client to be always up to date and also be aware of any next steps to keep the process moving.

The result? Much faster processing of the insolvency, less direct interaction between staff and client on phones and email and reduced internal costs!

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