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Every business can create an edge over the competition.

How will your industry be digitally transformed?

The world is changing and the digital transformation is occurring before our very eyes. Uber are the worlds biggest taxi firm but don’t own a vehicle. AirBnB now considered the world’s biggest “hotelier” but don’t own any buildings. JustEat the worlds largest takeaway, but don’t cook any food. What do all of the companies have in common?

They are all essentially software companies. If you think your industry won’t be disrupted – frankly you are wrong. Take a look at some of the examples below of customers we have already helped.

Every business can create an edge, streamline their business, make more profit or disrupt a market when digital transformation is delivered correctly.

Think About Other Ways We Can Help Your Business!

Join the data?

Software can help bridge the data that lives on two disparate systems. Remove the duplication of work (and thus mistakes) and automate the process. We have worked with many companies to integrate systems – we can pull data from SAP system and import directly into your account system, whether this be Sage or an online system such as Xero enabling huge time and cost savings.

Bring the outside data – in!

Do you have employees that work outside of the office? Does your company record ANY type of information outside of the office that then needs to be input into internal systems? (i.e. inspections, measuring, site surveys, health checks, estate management)

Whatever it is that you do outside the office there is often a duplication of that work getting that data back into the business systems There are numerous ways to solve these problems; Web-based applications, iPhone, Tablet, or Android Apps or native Windows applications designed to synchronise whenever an internet connection is available.

Why do the same work twice?

Apps, Apps, Apps!

Got an idea for an App? Need some advice. We can help. Does your business need an App for your customers? Apps drive sales and can make business data flow in a much more manageable way with great user interfaces.

Think4 have built Apps for customers that cover all these areas and have really seen the positive impact that they can make.

Real World Examples

Here are a few case studies of our Software Development Projects.

Case Studies

ALL of the above solutions have made huge time, efficiency and cost savings to the companies involved. Specific references can also be provided on request.

Whatever the requirement, be it a tweak to an existing product, an end-to-end development or an integration of data we can help!

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