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Think4 are our essential IT department, every small business should have one.

They have been our IT support provider for over 5 years. Starting supporting one machine, we now have 8 PC’s good computer upkeep and health is essential. Think4 know what we need in a machine and recommend the most suitable models to buy in line with our small budget.

Think4 set up and maintain Office365 for us, adding in new email addresses as and when we need, helping us with the Microsoft office suite, making sure we’ve downloaded the latest software versions. They help us understand our One Drive, how to sync only what we need to the machine whilst keeping the rest in the cloud, and checking that Dropbox is working too which some clients use.

Our machines are set up with up to date virus software and are backed up remotely. We know that Think4 monitor our system in the background working proactively to avoid too many reactive situations.

If we do get a problem – out of hours we can submit a support request to Think4 online or during the day we can call their support line. The whole team are accommodating and helpful.

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